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About Hyatt Family Facilities

Four generations and over half a century of caring. Today Hyatt Family Facilities operates seven skilled nursing and assisted living locations throughout the state of Washington.

Vision & Values

Hyatt Family Facilities mission is to provide the best quality and compassionate care in Washington state. One person at a time.

One person at a time, we:

  • Value Our People
  • Provide Exceptional Care
  • Operate With Excellence

A Legacy of Caring

In 1944 Great Aunt Clara Hyatt purchased what was to become one of the first licensed nursing homes in the pacific northwest. In the late 1950s her brother Herald Hyatt and his wife Daisy bought the building, moved into the apartment that sat atop and named it Yakima Convalescent. 

Hollie and Daisy lived and worked out of their apartment; “the penthouse” until Herald's passing in 1982. They walked just 20 steps each day to the nursing home floor referring to it as their home away from home.  

Before his passing, their son Norman Hyatt purchased the business and began building what is known today as Hyatt Family Facilities. Between 1982 and 2001 the Hyatt Family worked with the Washington state legislature and nursing homes throughout the state ushering in the omnibus reformation act of 1984 that transformed nursing homes from retirement settings to skilled nursing environments. 

Hyatt Family Facilities was formed in 2004 to honor the legacy of caring that is the foundation of who we are. Though every Hyatt Family Facility has its own name you can still expect the care and compassion that started with Herald and Daisy Hyatt over half a century ago.  

Whether you or your loved one are receiving skilled nursing and rehabilitation, assisted living or memory care services, when you're in a Hyatt Family Facility we treat you like family with competent, compassionate care.

Where to Start

Hyatt Family Facility Locations

Hyatt Family Facilities manages seven skilled nursing and assisted living locations throughout the state of Washington.

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